Bonner 34 Clancy McKenna Crescent

Custom Design Rojas Constructions Pty Ltd

(34 Clancy McKenna Crescent, Bonner ACT 2914)

This project has been designed and developed using Greenboard Insulated Cladding.

The Greenboard Insulated Cladding provides great advantages over traditional building systems like brick veneer. One of them is the outstanding insulation against temperatures and noise and consequently helping you to lower your bills.

Besides all these great advantages this project also has north facing double glazing windows and sliding doors.

The hips and valleys roof gives the house a traditional look combining really well with the texture coating finish to the external walls of the house.

The double door and side windows to the front door gives the house a contemporary appearance and enhance the warm look of the house.


Another great advantage of rendered polystyrene system used in this house is the speed in the building process. This system and the use of waffle pod slab helps to reduce building time in about 30% without taking into account the insulation properties of the waffle pod slab.

The finishes for this project were to the highest standards and off course to the owner specifications. Customized joinery for wardrobes and laundry. Ensuite, bathroom, laundry and WC tiles chosen with the help of an interior designer to add some expert opinion to the customer point of view.

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