10 Amphlet Street, Moncrieff Moncrieff

10 Amphlet Street, Moncrieff

This project has been designed and developed using Greenboard Insulated Cladding.

The Greenboard Insulated Cladding provides great advantages over traditional building systems like brick veneer. One of these advantages is the outstanding insulation provided against temperatures and noise and consequently helping you to lower your bills.

The skillion roof combined with the parapet walls to the facade and the extended porch roof gives the house a fresh look.

The upgraded kitchen and open living space to the kitchen, family and dinning areas makes the house feels bigeer and welcoming. The ideal space for a young family to entertain their friends.


Another great advantage of the Greenboard Insulated Cladding system used in this house is the speed in the building process. The use of Greenboard Insulated Cladding and waffle pod slab can help to reduce the building time in about 30% without taking into account the insulation properties of the waffle pod slab.

The finishes for this project were to the highest standards and off course to the owner specifications. Customised kitchen and WIP. Ensuite, bathroom, laundry and WC tiles chosen with the help of an interior designer to add some expert opinion to the customer point of view.

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