Rojas Constructions has been developed on the principles of:

  • Exclusive Design
  • Quality Construction
  • Personalised Service

With this simple business focus, we have the flexibility to offer high level customer service, personalised construction options and attention to detail.
Our business model focuses squarely on customer service, to offer you the most stress free building experience possible and ensure that by the end of the construction process we deliver you with the home you love and are proud to show your friends and family.


Rojas Constructions was founded by Mauricio Rojas in early 2009, with a vision to develop a construction company that offers more than just bricks and mortar.


Rojas Constructions is focused in deliver exceptional quality projects and outstanding customer service.

We will strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients, based on exclusive designs, high quality construction processes and personalised customer service.

To help fulfill this mission, we will treat all employees fairly actively involving them in the process and helping them to improve on every task ensuring a cost effective work execution.


Mauricio Rojas - CEO Rojas Constructions

Mauricio Rojas

Director & Builder

Mauricio manages the on site, construction and quality aspects of the company and overview all the construction and management processes.
Mauricio is a qualified builder, with construction licences in both the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.
(NSW License # 284460C, ACT License # 2014459)

Daniel Vallecilla - Manager Rojas Constructions

Daniel Vallecilla

Project Manager

Daniel is responsible for the management of the company, project management, customer service, quality control, scheduling and supplies of your construction project.
Daniel has over 20 years of experience in project management (including the building and construction sector) with studies in Industrial Engineering and Marketing.
Daniel is with you every step of the building process to answer your questions, keep you up to date and explain everything you need to know.

Leonardo Rojas

Leading Hand

Leonardo, our leading hand, is responsible for the execution of the necessary tasks to keep the project pace and make sure every stage of the building process is achieved on time so the trades and suppliers are able to perform their duties and deliver materials on time. Leonardo has over 5 years of experience as a leading hand (including handy man). Leonardo is helping Mauricio (our Director and Builder) and Daniel (our Project Manager) to keep the building process well executed, smooth and hazard free.


Dear Mauricio & Daniel: Building with Rojas Constructions has been a great experience. Rojas Constructions dedication to build our home was great. Their attention to detail was impressive and the trades working for them very professional. We had a great experience building our home with Rojas Constructions.

Miguel Laurel & Patricia Tighe

Dear Mauricio & Daniel: Rojas Constructions dedication to build a fine home is wonderful. They are always on top of everything. We were very impressed with Mauricio & Daniel’s attention to detail and also how quickly the few issues presented were solved. 

Brady Law & Catlin Mahoney